Paisagem e memória


A partir da escrita do Sudoeste, o Festival de Caminhadas juntou arte, património e caminhadas. Pretendia-se assim marcar o território ao (re)criar património cultural arqueológico em património cultural artístico. Desta forma, em locais onde apareceram estelas epigrafadas ou em locais associados às caminhadas, as intervenções artísticas pretendem ainda promover a transformação e a valorização de espaços públicos das aldeias da freguesia do Ameixial.

Resulting from collective participative experiences in public art, the artistic interventions on the writing of the Southwest stimulate other ways to get to know the landscape, the cultural heritage and the identity of the Serra.

Speeches by Sara Navarro

The painting of 7 of the 27 characters of the Southwest script in the villages Ameixial, Azinhal dos Mouros, Revezes, Tavilhão and Monte dos Vermelhos, tries to involve and relate the notions of visible and legible.

The large paintings, made in anamorphic perspective force the observer/ hiker to move, challenging him/her and leading him/her to think about the role of the archaeological cultural heritage and contemporary art in the formation of our identity.

As visuals, the paintings surprise the viewer. They transform our view of the human and natural landscape of the mountains. The visuals owe their effectiveness to a power of attraction that is, from the start, generated by the enigma effect. In turn, the legible results from the combination of the visible (which might, at the outset, appear ornamental or gratuitous) with a graphic structure that gives it meaning: the writing of the Southwest.

Ultimately, this analogy exceeds from memory and identity, while the realization of it seeks the fascinating and surprising aspect.


Speeches by
Leonor Pego

Bearing in mind the idea of covering the tombs where the stelae with writing from the Southwest are found and which cover the Iron Age necropolis along the Vascão riverside. The modelling of a stone circle intends to create a dialogue with the circles of the existing threshing-floors in the village of Monte dos Vermelhos, in the course of Azinhal dos Mouros.

Installation by Ângela Menezes

Complementary to the archaeology exhibition about the writing of the Southwest: "Who writes us from the Sierra". In 2017, during the days of the Walking Festival Ameixial, a contemporary installation of 5 sculptural structures was exhibited, symbolising signs of the writing of the Southwest.

Ângela Menezes created this installation representing the vowels of the writing of the Southwest (AEIOU), made of iron and reused fishing nets, which not only complements the content of the exhibition but visually captivates those who visit and pass through that space. It reveals multiple perspectives as the visitor moves around, and there is also a nocturnal metamorphosis through its "backlit" illumination.

Speeches by
Ângelo Gonçalves

As part of an artistic intervention that involved "being" with "People," walking and crossing "Borders," and building "Objects," Ângelo Gonçalves, in collaboration with Luísa Ricardo, carried out in 2018 three public multidisciplinary interventions of art, landscape and communities, the first of which was integrated in the Walking Festival Ameixial.

The aim was thus to construct a landscape, through the "old paths" of the Serra do Caldeirão, between Ameixial (Loulé) and Mealha (Tavira), revealing intangible elements that gave visibility to the connections between people. 

In "People, Borders and Objects", artistic interventions involve the construction of mobile objects, loose pieces, and installations along the paths that connect these rural communities.


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